UBC Volunteer Survey


UBC seeks to form a community of people into the way of Christ that embraces beauty and lives missionally.

Thank you for your interest in serving at UBC.  It is our conviction that belief flourishes best in a community where there is a sense of belonging.  A sense of belonging is deepened with a sense of ownership.  A sense of ownership is deepened by service.  Paul tells that the body has many parts.  You are part of the body.  How is God calling you to serve?

Questions About You
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Opportunities to Serve
Listed Below are some of the areas that UBC is looking for people to serve in. Please Check all areas of interest and answer any questions that might be relevant.
Sunday Morning Logistics
It takes a lot to make Sunday mornings run smoothly. Please check all areas that you like to serve in.
Clean Team
Would you be willing to help clean a few parts of the church building once a month?
Children's Ministry
ubcKids is our most rapidly growing ministry, and we need volunteers every week!
Worship & Arts Ministry
Audio Visual/Technology
Weekly Formation
We need people to help lead our fellowship and formation opportunities on a semester-by-semester basis.
Missions Ministry
Executive Teams
UBC has three teams that serve the community on an executive level: the leadership team, which is our governing body, the finance team, and the human resources team. Members of each of these groups are nominated by the community and selected by the leadership team. We realize that all of our talent is sometimes not recognized. If you believe that you have a professional skill set that could benefit the church in one of these areas, please indicate that below. Information on these teams can be found in the UBC Bylaws.
If you have gifts that you would like to share with UBC that aren't represented on this form, or if you want to clarify something that you checked above, please let us know in the space below.