One of our goals as a faith community is to be an intentional neighbor in this community, and to help those in our immediate vicinity. We have three local organizations which we work alongside to empower those in our community, and to support the work the Lord has given them to do: Cesar Chavez Middle School, South Waco Community Center, and Jesus Said Love.


Cesar Chavez Middle School (CCMS) is our oldest community partner, and through the years we have provided mentors, helped with tutoring, held soccer camps, participated in teacher encouragement, and provided support during STARS Testing.    There are opportunities to volunteer mentoring through our Lunch Buddies program, or with teacher encouragement throughout the year. If you would like to be involved in our work with CCMS, please email toph@ubcwaco.org .  


We are entering our fifth year of partnership with the South Waco Community Center, and we are excited for a new initiative this year.  The community center is a newly renovated facility that offers recreation opportunities and community activities for all ages. Throughout the year the SWCC offers a variety of programs: GED and ESL classes, tax help, after school tutoring, Parent’s Night Out, SAT prep, etc…  The community center also hosts big events for our neighborhood.  UBC is committed to support the center in whatever ways are needed, and we have become a key partner in helping with community events.  The annual Halloween Festival draws thousands from the community, and usually requires close to 100 UBC volunteers.  Also this year, the community center is focusing on professional development, and UBC has committed to bring at least person a week to talk the kids about their profession. If you are interested in helping our neighbors through one of the many weekly programs they offer, or you would like to volunteer to help with the Halloween Festival, or you would like to be one of the speakers for professional development, please contact toph@ubcwaco.org for more information.


Jesus Said Love exists to share the revolutionary love of Christ with women in the commercial sex industry by awakening hope and empowering change.  UBC will be sponsoring the August and October outreach, and we are actively recruiting participants for help with the hospitality team and security team. The hospitality team is a group of men and women who help put gift bags together for club outreaches, gather for times of prayer on outreach nights, assist with JSL events such as baby showers for dancers, and help accomplish many other opportunities that may arise.  The security team drives the women on the outreaches, and actively seeks to build relationships with club management and male employees. For more information about Jesus Said Love, please click here: JSL.  If you have any questions please email toph@ubcwaco.org  


UBC's current international partner is in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  UBC is partnering with a young missionary couple who work with South Asian immigrants in Thailand's second largest city.  The ministry is centered around one of the largest markets in Chiang Mai, and we work alongside people from India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand.  This is the last year of our partnership, and we continue to help our friends in Thailand network within the city to expand their communities of influence, as well as meet some of the practical needs/costs of the ministry in Thailand.  We will be taking our third team to Thailand, June 2018.  If you are interested in learning more about partnership, or in joining us on the trip, please contact toph@ubcwaco.org .