Spring 2017 Sunday School


Sunday School will start back on Sunday, January 22, at 9am.

The Rich Root of the Olive Tree

Led by Jamey Yadon

Paul says in Romans 11 that we Gentiles--wild olive branches--have been "grafted in" to the people of Israel--God's cultivated olive tree. By grace and in Christ, Israel's spiritual heritage is our spiritual heritage. This semester, we will explore the Minor Prophets, or the "Book of the Twelve," to learn more about the Spirit that dwells in us and the God whom we have come to know in Jesus. We will move through the texts at about one prophet per lesson by discussing a major passage from his writings as well as the major themes of his work. The prophets are notoriously difficult texts, but studying them is deeply rewarding and offers us a glimpse into the heart of God.

What's Funny About Mark? Comedy, theology, and the Second Gospel

Led by Jon Carman

Have you ever found the Bible to be funny? The Gospels? Maybe Jesus even? If so, this class is for you! If not, this class is still for you! Come join us as we undertake an exploration of humor in the Gospel of Mark. In this class we will be reading the Gospel closely to see what, if any, humor there might be in this brisk narrative portraying Jesus' life. However, we won't just be asking whether the Gospel is funny, we will also try to determine why humor is being used and what possible theological implications there are. So, join us as we tackle all things comedy in the Gospel of Mark!    

Marginal Christianities

Led by Gerhard Stübben and Tylor Standley

Each week we will read a short text by a lesser known figure from early Christianity and discuss its implications for our own lives, work, and thought about God. Come if you want to learn from the neglected, the marginal, and the ancient voices of the Christian church.